The final project event was a two-day forum, which was held in Sofia on August 3 and 4, 2021. The place we chose to organise the event was Project Lab – a modern, fresh, creative space in the center of Sofia, completely suitable for the NGO sector.

Colleagues, we worked with, and those who had seen information about the event on social media,joined the forum. We told the story of the project from its inception. We did not spare the obstacles we encountered during its implementation. The forum was a physical space for sharing experiences, good practices, ideas and discussing issues that concern us all.

The input from the external experts, who are renowned professionals in various fields of activity – journalists, TV operator, experts working in the field of design, advertising and communication, was very useful.

The panel dedicated to sharing good practices, in addition to access to information, enabled colleagues to exchange contacts and become partners in future projects and initiatives. This was the original idea of ​​the project – to provide an opportunity to establish contacts and plan joint initiatives between organizations of common interest, working in different parts of the country.

The shared time was efficient and fruitful! Thank you to everyone present for being a part of these two days!

Programme of the Forum