The travelling seminars within the project were held in the cities of Stara Zagora, Tryavna and Plovdiv, respectively, on the following days, July 27, 28 and 29, 2021.

All three seminars were attended by external experts with extensive experience in the field and representatives of the participants in the trainings, as well as representatives of local organizations. Guest speakers at the seminars were Assoc. Prof. Lyuba Spasova, PhD, Stilyan Rinkov, Yuliana Dineva, Radoslava Ivanova, Justin Toms. You can get acquainted with the program of each seminar by clicking on the name of the city:

Stara Zagora



Hosts of the seminar in the city of Stara Zagora were our colleagues and friends from the Agency for Regional Economic Development, Stara Zagora.

The seminar in Plovdiv was held in a hybrid manner. We had participants on site and those who joined online. Extensive discussions were provoked on topics concerning all active civil society organizations.

The interest of the participants in the seminar in the town of Tryavna was very strongly provoked. The seminar turned out to be an event that does not happen often in a small town and directed them to new trends in the civil society development - digitalization, online resources, digital marketing and branding, effective visualization, and constant communication with beneficiaries, target groups and stakeholders. Colleagues shared many good practices and ideas that can be multiplied in other small towns, where there are active civil society organizations.

It was very useful to hold those seminars as we managed to meet colleagues from different regions of Bulgaria, to share our problems and ideas and to draw up plans for future cooperation.

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