VIC project

To date, no similar initiatives have been taken as described in our project proposal, which makes our proposal innovative and unique. The main problem that our project will overcome is the lack of information among civil society about good practices and the results achieved by NGOs in Bulgaria, which is due to the lack of digital culture among the civil sector in Bulgaria. The most widely used means of disseminating information are newsletters and Facebook posts, but in the age of technology this way of presenting information is uninteresting and thus does not reach the relevant users. The civil sector in Bulgaria achieves great results in a number of areas and it is unfortunate how few people have information about them, not because it is missing, but because it is presented in an old-fashioned, archaic and outdated way that no longer meets the needs of the new digital generation. is inseparable from its smartphones, laptops, tablets and more.

The Visual Communication and Identity project fully meets the specific objective of the chosen priority - improving the capacity and sustainability of the civil sector, including civil society organizations. As a result of the project, a network of digitally literate employees will be created, capable of creating attractive products, promoting and promoting the activities of the NGO sector among the general public and acting as multipliers among their colleagues and partners. The implementation of the project will greatly contribute to the large-scale promotion of the work of the NGO sector in Bulgaria. Beneficiaries of the project will be the active NGOs in Bulgaria and the general public, receiving attractive and up-to-date information on civil society issues.

The project proposal will benefit all regions of Bulgaria. The activities are planned so that each step and activity of the project will be implemented in a different city in Bulgaria, which will allow to reach the most remote corners of the country and to include organizations that are experiencing geographical and economic problems. Given that the project is aimed at building a visual culture and communication, the products and results will be shared online and will be available to all users and representatives of target groups who use the Internet. All materials and resources will be uploaded to the project platform. We can safely say that the project will cover all geographical regions of the country.